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Symbiosis in a Bottle
Our proprietary PS420 is the only Beauveria bassiana strain formulated from cannabis for cannabis

Higher Yields

Better Quality

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Growers have reported noticeable increases in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Grow Superior!

We have designed our Prime Superior products for however you grow and for any stage of growth. Simply add them to your current regimen, they are easy to use at any stage.

Prime Superior products are safe! Safe for people, Safe for your pets, Safe for the environment.

Prime Superior Clone 2 oz

For Cloning
World’s first Inoculation Honey

Prime Superior Seed 0.05 oz

For Seeds
Seed cloning

Prime Superior Drench 15 oz

For all plants, young and old
Versatile spray product

Prime Superior Concentrate 

For larger commercial grows Concentrated inoculation liquid

What is Beauveria bassiana?

Beauveria bassiana is a safe fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world.


It forms a symbiotic relationship with plants that can increase yields and quality.


The Prime Superior Range of products contain our proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana (PS420) that is optimized for cannabis.


Prime Superior products inoculate your plants by introducing PS420 into your plants. This inoculation brings many benefits to your plants.”

More Cannabinoids

Growers have reported significant increases in CBD, CBC, and CBG in field trials

More Terpenes

Increase in total terpenes seen in field trials. Many went from undetectable to detectable

More Growth

Treated plants were bigger with larger yields

More Photosynthesis

Treated plants had a better color and more photosynthesis

Larger Flowers

Treated plants had bigger flowers

More nutrient

More nutrient and water uptake Treated plants had larger root systems

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