House Plant Care
With Prime Superior

Treat all plants, including house plants, with Prime Superior Drench.

All plants can benefit from the beneficial symbiosis that our Prime Superior products bring, and we have designed a product for all plants however you grow. Prime Superior Drench is our most versatile product because it can be used on essentially all plants and at all stages in their life cycle. This includes valuable House Plants where a foliar spray or root drench can improve growth and growers have also reported some protection against pests. Given how important and valuable House Plants are, this is a sensible and scientifically proven way to better look after them.

Prime Superior Drench is extremely versatile and can be sprayed onto plants at any stage of their life cycle. It can also be sprayed onto roots or leaves. One use for Prime Superior Drench is treating clones from a cloning machine when they are transferred into soil or hydroponics. Cloning machines spray liquid constantly and would wash off Prime Superior Clone making the Clone product unsuitable for this approach. Spraying with Prime Superior Drench upon transfer of the plants out of the cloning machine is ideal and affords all the benefits of the symbiosis to your growing clones.