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Prime Superior Clone

Honey-based inoculation gel

Prime Superior Clone

Prime Superior Clone is a unique honey-based inoculation gel. It establishes a beneficial symbiosis with the fungus Beauveria bassiana that can drastically improve plant growth and yields. Prime Superior Clone can be used alone or in conjunction with root inducing products such as rooting powders or cloning gels.

So, what is an inoculation gel? Well, in a similar way that a rooting gel stimulates roots, an inoculation gel stimulates our symbiosis by inoculating with spores.

Our choice of honey as the main constituent of the inoculation gel was based on wanting to produce an organic and all-natural product. Synthetic rooting gels that contain synthetic hormones are not natural and can never be organic.

With many plants, such as cannabis, our inoculation gel can even substitute for rooting gels. As well as inoculating, Prime Superior Clone will facilitate the formation of roots – albeit at a slower rate. In trials, the slower formation of roots is more than made up for by increases in yields and quality later in the plant’s lifecycle.

So, our Inoculation gel is a unique new addition to the indoor grower’s arsenal – you will see the benefits!


Apply to cuttings when they are excised from mother plants.

Directions for Use

Dip the cuttings in Prime Superior Clone to the desired depth. A root inducing powder or gel may then also be applied if desired. Insert the cutting into a rooting medium. Immediately mist the cutting and keep it moist, warm, and humid for 1-2 weeks to allow for root growth and Beauveria bassiana colonization. Prime Superior Clone may be used on all types of cuttings. Beauveria bassiana colonization will occur in 1-2 weeks.


Growers have experienced improved growth and yields when using Prime Superior Clone. Experienced cannabis growers have described the treated plants as “luxuriant” and have noted that the product can outperform the leading cloning gels.

The photo shows results from using Prime Superior Clone that were produced by Dr. James Arends using two different house plant species. The treated plants performed noticeably better, starting from root formation.

Tips and Tricks

  • Prime Superior Clone is all natural and does not contain synthetic rooting hormones. It can successfully be used without other products in species like cannabis where the cutting will root naturally.
  • However, using Prime Superior Clone in conjunction with a rooting powder or cloning gel that contains a synthetic rooting hormone will speed up root formation.
  • Rooting is slower with Prime Superior Clone than with products that contain synthetic rooting hormones. This initial slower root formation is followed by growth and yield benefits from the symbiosis that bring major advantages to treated plants (see photo).
  • Do not dilute Prime Superior Clone with water because fermentation may then occur.
  • Do not store in a cold place as the honey may solidify. Room temperature is best (60-70 degrees).
  • If the product solidifies, simply replace with a new ones because heating to liquify the honey may kill the fungus.