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Prime Superior Seed

Drastically improve plant growth and yield

Prime Superior Seed

There is no seed treatment like Prime Superior Seed currently on the market for indoor growers. For cannabis growers, and produce growers that grow from seed, this unique product establishes a beneficial symbiosis with the fungus Beauveria bassiana. This natural interaction can drastically improve plant growth and yields. Prime Superior Seed is made from organic and all-natural ingredients and the fungus colonizes the entire plant not just the roots. Prime Superior Seed sticks strongly to seeds and this facilitates the symbiosis.


  • Can be applied to seeds.
  • Can be added to rockwool cubes for seeds or cuttings.
  • Can be added to soil for planting or transplanting.

Directions for Use

Coat seeds by rolling or dipping them in Prime Superior Seed before planting. The powder will stick to the seed. A pinch of the powder can also be added to rooting medium such as rockwool cubes. For soil, a pinch of Prime Superior Seed should be added only to the soil immediately around roots or where roots will form and not mixed throughout the entire soil.

Beauveria bassiana colonization will occur in 1-2 weeks.

For best results Prime Superior Seed should come into contact with roots or seeds.


Growers have experienced improved growth and yields when using Prime Superior Seed. Experienced cannabis growers have described the treated plants as “luxuriant” and have noted that the levels of terpenes are increased as the smell of the plants is stronger.

Tips and tricks

  • Prime Superior Seed is ideal when growing from seeds and is a one-and-done treatment. You can then simply walk away and leave the plant and fungus to work together!
  • For very small seeds, however, the amount of powder that binds to the seed coat when using Prime Superior Seed is small and we therefore recommend using Prime Superior Drench to water in the Beauveria bassiana at planting.
  • When adding to soil or rockwool cubes, try to ensure that the powder gets as close as possible to where the roots will be growing as this will help the fungus establish the symbiosis.