Prime Superior Clone (Beauveria bassiana)


The world’s first patent pending biological cloning honey. Inoculate your cuttings with our proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana. Prime Superior Clone will improve your grow the way nature intended by priming your plant.

Prime Superior
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Robert SeiffertRobert Seiffert
15:25 14 Oct 22
I have used this product since conception. It has up my production rate in my plants more hearty and healthy root systems. Currently enjoying the newer clone gel as it does not have rooting hormones in it. just great natural products revolutionizing the horticulture industry!
Cody CristCody Crist
16:18 05 Oct 22
Prime Superior has some of the best products for plant growth on the market!! Definitely throw some in with your tomatoes, peppers, or anything else you are growing. Way better and cleaner than the harsh stuff on the market!
Kenny WilliamsKenny Williams
19:29 04 Aug 22
I now use it on all of my plants, especially when cloning and transplanting. Great product! Will continue being a buyer!
Anthony ColeAnthony Cole
13:44 21 Jul 22
I was at a local store and saw prime superior so I bought it on a whim, sprayed it on half my plants and within two weeks, those plants are 50% larger and heathier than the untreated. I am now using it on all my plants and just bought some of their seed coat to try.
13:47 15 Jul 22
i used the seed powder on my garden this year so far my tomatoes and cucumbers are looking great ! the guy at Green Zone told me to use the drench so im going to give that a try next.
robin vesonarobin vesona
16:09 14 Jul 22
I love prime superior!! My tomato plants are so healthy and they look like never before. My plant has twice as many tomatoes than last year. I had a dying house plant that came back to life with prime superior. And it's so easy to use.

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Prime Superior Clone is a unique honey-based inoculation gel. It establishes a beneficial symbiosis with the fungus Beauveria bassiana that can drastically improve plant growth and yields. Prime Superior Clone can be used alone or in conjunction with root inducing products such as rooting powders or cloning gels.

So, what is an inoculation gel? Well, in a similar way that a rooting gel stimulates roots, an inoculation gel stimulates our symbiosis by inoculating with spores.

Our choice of honey as the main constituent of the inoculation gel was based on wanting to produce an organic and all-natural product. Synthetic rooting gels that contain synthetic hormones are not natural and can never be organic.

With many plants, such as cannabis, our inoculation gel can even substitute for rooting gels. As well as inoculating, Prime Superior Clone will facilitate the formation of roots – albeit at a slower rate. In trials, the slower formation of roots is more than made up for by increases in yields and quality later in the plant’s lifecycle.

So, our Inoculation gel is a unique new addition to the indoor grower’s arsenal – you will see the benefits!


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