Prime Superior Drench (Beauveria bassiana)


A versatile product that can be used on clones, seeds, and already established plants. By using our foliar application of our proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana as weekly routine maintenance, this creates a perfect symbiosis which allow your plants to grow the way nature intended. Prime Superior Drench will not only improve, but ALSO allow for the cleanest grow possible.

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Prime Superior products contain the natural symbiotic fungus Beauveria bassiana that forms a beneficial symbiosis with your plants bringing multiple benefits to them.

This can include many important properties that matter to you, including increases in yield, increases in quality, and increases in photosynthesis and metabolism.

With cannabis plants, Prime Superior products have been shown to increase the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as yields.

We have designed the Prime Superior Range to meet all your growing needs. The first three products are Drench, Clone, and Seed.


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