Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board


Prof. Michael P. Timko, Ph.D.

Prof. Michael P. Timko, Ph.D. Dr. Timko received his BS in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University and his Ph.D. from the Department of Biological Sciences at Rutgers University. He is the Lewis & Clark Professor of Biology at the University of Virginia (“UVA”) and Professor of Public Health Science in the UVA School of Medicine. He is the current Director of the Human Biology Distinguished Major Program. Dr. Timko has over 35 years of experience in studying the growth, biochemistry, genetics, and functional genomics of plants. Current studies in Michael’s group include identifying novel compounds (natural products) of nutritional or therapeutic value. Dr. Timko is also involved in industrial hemp and medical cannabis research. His research has resulted in over 180 peer-reviewed articles in highly respected scientific journals. Dr. Timko has received The Hartwell Foundation Individual Biomedical Research Award, the Jefferson Scholar Foundation Faculty Prize, and was awarded the “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Burkina Faso” by the President and Government of Burkina Faso for his work on cowpea.

Prof. David B. Collinge, Ph.D.

Prof. David B. Collinge, Ph.D. David B. Collinge was educated in genetics at the Universities of Liverpool (BSc (hons) 1979) and Newcastle Upon Tyne (PhD, 1982). He was appointed Associate Professor in Molecular Plant Pathology in 1988 and Professor of Plant Pathology in 2002 at the University of Copenhagen. David’s main research interest through his career has concerned the mechanisms of defenses against pathogens in plants and his research group has worked with several biological systems, mainly involving fungal pathogens. The major new area concerns endophytic fungal interactions, which stand to uncover defining principles in crop protection and plant tolerances across a wide range of biotic and abiotic stresses. Our research further looks to investigate how fungi and plants interact and manipulate each other resulting in different lifestyles ranging from biotrophic, hemibiotrophic and necrotrophic pathogenic interactions through commensal endophytic and rhizospheric interactions. This research effort has been published in over 90 refereed international publications to date giving an H-index of 40. He is also active in the public debate drawing attention to the importance of plant diseases and plant biotechnology. David is a member of the editorial board of the international scientific journals “European Journal of Plant Pathology” and “Plant Pathology” and serves regularly for Scientific Boards for various research councils. He sits on the Danish National Advisory Council for Plants and Plant Health (Udvalget for planter og plantesundhed) and is in the presidency of the British Society for Plant Pathology.

Edgar Winters

Edgar Winters. In 2014, Edgar Winters received the first Oregon Issued Hemp License in 77 years. His roots in Hemp go back to the late 1950’s when his grandfather used to cultivate hemp. A Master Gardener since 2003 through Oregon State University, he has been a big part of the grassroots movement to legalize industrial hemp and get hemp into our nation’s agriculture program. He attended the first class on “The Introduction to the Botany, Biology and Agronomy of the Hemp Plant.” instructed through Oregon State University. His lifetime of education on farming led him to start Winterfox Farms, a genetic breeding facility and experimental station for various cannabis cultivars. His passion is to have true American strains for each farming system, whether for food, fiber or CBD’s and have consistency in the finished product. What little spare time Edgar has he spends as a nationally renowned keynote speaker for hemp and on the many areas of this new industry, such as, the Best Farming Practices and Techniques, Genetic breeding including tissue cultures, viability, and sustainability of the hemp plant, as well as the economic benefits. Currently Edgar has MOU with University of Virginia, Cornell University, Louisiana State University, and Oregon State University. These institutes are using Winterfox Farms genetics for R&D in the Cannabis Arena for future endeavors in the Cannabis Industry