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Growers have reported noticeable increases in quality with higher Brix Scores.

Grow Safer. Grow Smarter. Grow Prime Superior.

Our Prime Superior Innoculation product will improve any plant you grow.

Clone Honey

The world’s first Innoculation honey for cloning

Seed Coating

Simplified seed coating with safe seed coating

Drench Spray

The best application for daily & all-around treatment


Get more volume for larger & commercial growing

What is Beauveria bassiana?

Beauveria bassiana is a safe fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world. It forms a symbiotic relationship with plants that can increase yields and quality. The Prime Superior Range of products contain our proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana that is optimized for plants. Prime Superior products inoculate your plants by introducing Beauveria bassiana into your plants. This inoculation brings many benefits to your plants.


Are you curious about what the best method is for application or treatment? Our HOW TO section has step-by-step instructions for each product we sell to help you get started. 

Treatment for any Garden or Crop

Prime Superior Innoculation products work for anything you grow!


Create the best clones with Prime Superior Clone. The world’s first inoculation honey.


Growing superior plants from seeds with Prime Superior Seed  is extremely simple and quick.


Your house plants benefit when treated with Prime Superior Drench, especially house plants.

Prime Superior
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Sean StaffordSean Stafford
19:14 17 May 24
It’s magic in a bottle/spray! Plants grow bigger everything… Bigger fruit… bigger plants… not to mention root formation like you’ve never seen before!
Danielle PowellDanielle Powell
14:07 29 Mar 24
Best product for great growth! Easy to use and amazing results!
Jean LeikerJean Leiker
16:54 06 Mar 24
Nadezhda SyrovoyNadezhda Syrovoy
16:54 06 Mar 24
Kathy FoxKathy Fox
16:52 06 Mar 24
Great! The best.
Patrick RaymondPatrick Raymond
21:38 29 Jan 24
I used this product for my plants and I’ve seen amazing results!
Evelyn DiPaoloEvelyn DiPaolo
21:37 29 Jan 24
Nadia SyrovoyNadia Syrovoy
21:37 29 Jan 24
Luis CarmonaLuis Carmona
21:36 29 Jan 24
Best tomatoes and home plants
Adam BraunbachAdam Braunbach
21:35 29 Jan 24
Bryan SBryan S
17:12 12 Dec 23
I tried tons of stuff before stumbling upon this stuff and all I can say is I wish I found it sooner! My crops were twice size as previous years and this was only change. Going on 3rd year using for my garlic
Chris BussickChris Bussick
21:45 08 Dec 23
I spray my houseplants every couple of weeks. They look amazing.
Brandon BussickBrandon Bussick
20:18 08 Dec 23
Used on the seeds in the garden this year, will be getting again next year
Christopher LentChristopher Lent
19:43 08 Dec 23
Samuel GoddardSamuel Goddard
19:17 08 Dec 23
Adam KeithAdam Keith
19:11 08 Dec 23
20:21 07 Dec 23
Great company, great product, especially if you're in the growing field. Excellent would recommend to any friend or family
Joe CappsJoe Capps
10:32 05 Aug 23
this product is the best pest management tool ive used no need for anything else.its all ive had this year. i dont think i will grow without it. terpene profile is amazing and as i have been completely bug free. on the outdoor here in the mid states thats hard to find.thanks alot guys
Don McCrackenDon McCracken
17:37 28 Jul 23
I'm about to try the product for the first time and will be back with a review after using. But as far as customer service goes five stars outstanding company. If product works as well as I have seen in videos and research I will be a lifetime customer.
Kevin DKevin D
13:37 13 Jul 23
Started this season with some powdery mildew on my zucchini plant. I had taken the concentrate and mixed up my own spray, sprayed my plants ever few days, all new growth is without powdery mildew and the original leaves that were turning heavily white, had drastically reduced and almost fully disappeared. None of the other leafy plants surrounding my overgrown garden have any powdery mildew on it, so it likely stopped the spreading as well. Nothing else has been sprayed or used on these plants. Usually the powdery mildew once started, destroys my crop around this time of year.Will definitely purchase again even as a precaution to prevent any future mildew from starting.
Daryl CarrDaryl Carr
19:00 18 Apr 23
Great Product, I highly recommend it. My first grow ever I treated my seed with Prime Superior Seed before germination and planting. I finally got seeds to final pots and realized I had severely under watered my plants. Thankfully the plants were treated with Prime Superior Seed, my plants were able not only to bounce back, but they bounced back and thrived. Ended with a great harvest, Prime Superior is permanent part of my grow arsenal.Prime's customer service is top notch. Thanks Nick and crew>
Dylan PaolicelliDylan Paolicelli
21:47 14 Oct 22
Robert SeiffertRobert Seiffert
15:25 14 Oct 22
I have used this product since conception. It has up my production rate in my plants more hearty and healthy root systems. Currently enjoying the newer clone gel as it does not have rooting hormones in it. just great natural products revolutionizing the horticulture industry!
Cody CristCody Crist
16:18 05 Oct 22
Prime Superior has some of the best products for plant growth on the market!! Definitely throw some in with your tomatoes, peppers, or anything else you are growing. Way better and cleaner than the harsh stuff on the market!
Kenny WilliamsKenny Williams
19:29 04 Aug 22
I now use it on all of my plants, especially when cloning and transplanting. Great product! Will continue being a buyer!
Anthony ColeAnthony Cole
13:44 21 Jul 22
I was at a local store and saw prime superior so I bought it on a whim, sprayed it on half my plants and within two weeks, those plants are 50% larger and heathier than the untreated. I am now using it on all my plants and just bought some of their seed coat to try.
Jay WinzenriedJay Winzenried
20:12 18 Jul 22
It's a piece of mind knowing that Prime Superior is an all natural plant enhancer causing broader leaves and a thicker stalk, resulting in a greater yield during harvest! The cashier at Indoor Garden was great in guiding me towards a great product that works.
13:47 15 Jul 22
i used the seed powder on my garden this year so far my tomatoes and cucumbers are looking great ! the guy at Green Zone told me to use the drench so im going to give that a try next.
robin vesonarobin vesona
16:09 14 Jul 22
I love prime superior!! My tomato plants are so healthy and they look like never before. My plant has twice as many tomatoes than last year. I had a dying house plant that came back to life with prime superior. And it's so easy to use.