Seed Treatment

How To Use: Seed Treatment

PRIME SUPERIOR SEED gives your plants a huge advantage from the very beginning of their life cycle. The beneficial symbiosis that improves both growth and yields is set up immediately that the seed starts to germinate. The high level of spores of the beneficial fungus in the powder stick to the seed coat and ensure that inoculation of the plant occurs as the first root emerges. This means that the benefits of the symbiosis are felt from the very beginning of the grow right through to harvest day.

It is so simple to use PRIME SUPERIOR SEED. All you do is roll the seed in the powder, check that it is covered by seeing a color change due to the powder, and then germinate as normal.

The whole process lasts just a few seconds, but the benefits are felt for months!

PRIME SUPERIOR SEED can lead to rapid growth, increased yields, the increased ability to withstand pests and pathogens, and we have seen significant increases in cannabinoids and terpenes. Your return on investment can be considerable and the time invested is minimal.


  2. Drop a seed into the powder or remove some powder and add the seed.

  3. Roll the seed in the powder using tweezers.

  4. Remove the seeds – they are now ready to plant exactly as you would normally.

  5. Once roots have formed, transfer the new plant to soil or hydroponics.

PRIME SUPERIOR SEED: coat seeds for a few seconds to see benefits for months!