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Prime Superior’s patented cloning honey is developed from a proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana

BUFFALO, N.Y., Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Prime Superior, a division of LPC Naturals LLC, today announced that their Prime Superior Clone has been awarded the world’s first patent for a Biological Cloning Honey.

Many plants are propagated by cuttings (also called clones), which are a convenient way of making large numbers of plants for home, garden, or commercial use. Typically, a cloning gel is used for this purpose that speeds up the production of roots from the cutting. Prime Superior Clone is a unique honey-based inoculation product that takes the place of cloning gels or powders. In addition to helping cuttings make roots, it also establishes a beneficial symbiosis with the fungus Beauveria bassiana that can drastically improve plant growth, yields, and up to sixteen agronomic properties. Whilst most cloning gels only serve to produce roots and then their usefulness is over, Prime Superior Clone benefits the new plants for their entire lives.

“We are very proud,” said President & Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Paul Rushton M.A., Ph.D., “to have received the world’s first patent for a Biological cloning honey.”

Prime Superior’s choice of honey as the main constituent of Prime Superior Clone was based on wanting to produce an organic and all-natural product. Synthetic rooting gels that contain synthetic hormones are not natural and are registered as biopesticides. Prime Superior Clone does not require this registration, and in fact, many Prime Superior products are OMRI-listed for organic growing.

“Prime Superior Clone is a clever and ground-breaking product.” continued, Dr. Rushton. “This is because it is more than the sum of the parts. The product not only sets up the beneficial symbiosis with many benefits to the plant but also the honey feeds both the growing plant and the fungus. Prime Superior Clone therefore gives the new plant two boosts neither of which you get from normal cloning gels.”

To learn more about Prime Superior products, visit: primesuperior.com.

About Prime Superior

Prime Superior is a division of LPC Naturals LLC, a new company that promotes and distributes a successful and safe range of seed treatments and other products that establish a beneficial interaction with a proprietary strain of the symbiotic fungus Beauveria bassiana. This natural symbiotic partnership can result in increased yields and improved quality (such as higher yields of cannabinoids and terpenes).

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