Our Science

Our Unique Science

Prime Superior products contain the natural symbiotic fungus Beauveria bassiana that lives throughout the plant. The fungus is isolated from plants, grows with your plants, and brings multiple benefits to them. This can include many important properties that matter to you, including increases in yield, increases in quality, and increases in photosynthesis and metabolism.

Our Beauveria bassiana strain is proprietary and unique

The unique proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana, called PS420, that is used in all Prime Superior products for nurseries, gardens, and house plants has been isolated from growing plants, where it is a symbiotic endophyte. PS420 is a plant isolate that is maintained in culture and periodically grown on, and re-isolated from, plants to maintain its excellent endophytic properties. PS420 is manufactured using a proprietary process that produces a pure spore powder (99.9 %) which allows superior formulation of products. The products are superior because the fungal spores are cleaner and free from contaminating material which enables better distribution of spores when using Prime Superior products and therefore better and more uniform results from the plants.

The Prime Superior range

We have produced the Prime Superior Range for indoor growers, especially house plants. The Prime Superior products are specially formulated for valuable indoor grows and the range of products is designed to be able to inoculate all plants as some stage of their life cycle. Best results are obtained by treating seeds with our seed coating (Prime Superior Seed) or by treating seeds with a liquid inoculant (Prime Superior Drench). This way, the first plants become colonized from the formation of the very first roots. Our products can also be used when making clones. Prime Superior Clone is a honey-based dip that is used when clones are taken from a mother plant. Prime Superior Drench can be used on clones upon transfer to hydroponics or to soil. Prime Superior Drench can also be added to cloning machines or circulating hydroponics solutions. Finally, older plants in soil or hydroponics can also be inoculated by spraying with Prime Superior Drench, which is the most versatile of our products.

It is safe

At LPC Naturals, we firmly believe that the future of agriculture, both indoor and outdoor, is green. Forever Chemicals are not the way forward but rather the educated use of Biologicals from the rhizosphere. One of the main advantages with using our Prime Superior Range of products is that they are safe! No need for personal protective equipment or well-ventilated rooms. We have even eaten our products without any undue consequences (we do not recommend that you do this!) Our products are safer for you and better for the environment