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Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world, although modern farming practices have greatly reduced the occurrence of this beneficial organism. It can form a symbiotic relationship with plants and has an extremely broad host spectrum. During the symbiosis, the plant can exchange carbon and nitrogen with Beauveria bassiana and this has been shown to promote plant growth and increase yields. The plants are healthier, have a larger root mass, perform more photosynthesis, can give higher yields, and can have more cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis plants.

A symbiosis is an interaction between two different organisms (in our case a plant and a fungus) living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. The benefits for the plant can be both wide-ranging and profound. They can include many important traits such as yield, disease resistance, resistance to insects, photosynthetic capacity, and even drought tolerance.

This is a pretty simple one – Prime Superior can improve more important traits than any other product on the market. We can count at least 14 and any one of these can be the difference between getting a good crop or not or making a profit or a loss. For the hemp/cannabis grower, some of the crucial ones are an increase in yields, increase in photosynthesis, increase in root growth, more cannabinoids, and more terpenes. More of everything you are growing for!

Beauveria bassiana is safe. You can even eat it without any adverse effects (although we wouldn’t suggest you do this). How many other products for plants can you say that about? Even the US Government agrees “no harm will result from aggregate exposure to the U.S. population, including infants and children, to Beauveria bassiana.”

Prime Superior products are very resistant to cold but are sensitive to extremes of high temperature (over 90 degrees F) and UV light. You should not spray under hot indoor lights in the middle of the light period but instead spray or treat just before the lights go out. The same is true of outdoor uses. Plants should be treated at the end of the day just before dusk and not treated in the middle of the day so that the spores are left in the strong sunlight. Alternatively, a cloudy day with less direct sunlight is also acceptable.

The best way to treat your seeds with Prime Superior is to simply coat your seeds in Prime Superior Seed. The talc and graphite act as a carrier for the beneficial fungal spores and sticks very well to the seed coat ensuring a high concentration of spores as the first roots form. It is also possible to use the liquid products (Drench or diluted Concentrate) when germinating seeds by wetting them or wetting the substrate (filter paper, soil, or rockwool cubes). The liquids are especially good for very small seeds.

Prime Superior Clone has been especially designed for use when making clones (cuttings) and is vastly superior to any other cloning gel or powder on the market. Simply dip the end of the cut stem in the world’s first Biological Clone Honey. Roots will form without the need for the synthetic hormones (that the other cloning products contain) and the roots become colonized with the beneficial fungus. Not only that, but the sugars in the honey also feed the growing plant and the fungus. The result is a vigorous root system that sets up the plant for success for its entire life.

Many users have reported that they have seen an increased yield when using weekly spraying of Prime Superior Concentrate or Drench. One of the reasons is that not all aerial parts of the plant will be colonized by the fungus and this weekly maintenance ensures that the benefits of the symbiosis are felt over as much of the plant as possible. There may be additional benefits if you do a little reading.

Yes, you can use any Prime Superior product with your current growing regimen. This includes any nutrients (it might actually increase nutrient uptake), additives such as silica, Cal-Mag, or vitamins, and other biologicals such as mycorrhizae. Prime Superior’s Beauveria bassiana will improve your grow in conjunction with the other products.

A Biological Control Agent, or simply Biological, is a living organism that is used to improve plant performance and health. The effects can range from increased growth and yield through to improved resistance to diseases and insect pests. Good Biologicals have many advantages over chemicals. The main two are: They are safe, and they can have more benefits than chemicals. Typically, a chemical is either a pesticide or an insecticide or a fertilizer/nutrient. Biologicals can be all three of these and more. So, the potential is huge.

Typically, Beauveria enters the plant through the roots (although it can enter through the leaves as well). Once inside the plant, the fungus grows up though the vascular tissue in the roots, into the stem, and then into the intercellular spaces in the leaves. The symbiosis is therefore systemic (occurs in the entire plant).

Yes, results from field trials in Oregon in 2020 showed that using Prime Superior can increase the yields of not only CBD and other cannabinoids but also of many terpenes. This is great news for growers focused on cannabinoid-based products with increases ranging from 15% (CBC) to 25% (CBG). With terpenes, increases were seen in the levels of alpha-Pinene, Limonene, Guaiol, Linalool, beta-Farnesene, alpha-Bisabolol, beta, cis-Ocimene, beta-Pinene, Terpinolene, alpha-Farnesene, trans, beta-Ocimene, and Terpineol. Some of these were undetectable in untreated plants. The increase in terpenes could lead to better flavors and higher values for both the harvested plants and products.

However well you currently grow, your results can be improved by the intelligent use of Biologicals. It has been shown that Beauveria bassiana can bring huge benefits to your plants. This includes Greater yields, Higher quality, Faster germination, Increased nutrient uptake, higher levels of photosynthesis, more sugars, larger root system, greater drought tolerance, lower levels of toxins, more trichomes, more biochemicals, greater tolerance of flooding and much more if you do some reading…….. Our Concentrate and Drench products are the most versatile on the market and can take the place of multiple different types of other products that you might otherwise buy.

You can purchase all Prime Superior products (Clone, Seed, Drench, and Concentrate) from this site directly or you can find it in these fine stores. https://primesuperior.com/retailers-cnb/

Being listed with the Organic Material Review Institute means our product is organic compliant to USDA standards. Meaning if you run an organic farm, our product will fall under organic compliance. Just reach out to your organic certifier. We are proud that Prime Superior products can be used in organic growing and that our products form part of the solution to Forever Chemicals.

Prime Superior orders placed on our website are shipped and insured via FedEx shipping service. If you require a signature for delivery. Please indicate so at the time you place your order.

You can find your Prime Superior product shelf life on the side of the label near the UPC code. The Beauveria spores are viable for well over a year under normal conditions.

The proprietary Beauveria bassiana strain in Prime Superior products is perfect for all house plants. In fact, we have yet to find a plant species that Beauveria does not interact with. For existing house plants, a spray of the leaves and soil with Prime Superior Drench or Concentrate every 1-2 weeks will have excellent effects on your plants. You will soon notice the difference!

If you use Prime Superior early in the plant’s life, then you will likely see an increased root system as the plant grows. This is very important because a larger root system means more nutrient and water uptake. This in turn will increase the rate of photosynthesis and more fixed carbon from photosynthesis will lead to more biochemicals such as cannabinoids and terpenes. Increased early root growth supercharges your plants.

Yes. Our product line is designed for both indoor and outdoor growing. The same Prime Superior products that you use for your house plants can also be used for your vegetables and even your lawn. For hemp/cannabis grows, the same products can be used outdoors and indoors.