Wall of Fame

What our growers are saying

““The roots are the nicest I have ever seen.”
“Another surprise, the seedlings elongated on me. I used your spray and within 2 days, they were standing strong and healthy.”
“A product I won’t be without.”
– Upstate NY Grower (growing for 26 years)

“My plants are experiencing a growth spurt thanks to Prime Superior Drench.”

– Steve Bloom (Former editor of High Times and current publisher of CelebStoner.com)

“Loving the product!!”
“Thank you Todd Young and Prime Superior for giving us a great organic tool for plant health.”
– Andrew McIntyre

“Prime Superior the only brand I trust. Growth during veg was exponentially better than any other product I have used in the past. ”
– Hunter from Stockton, NY

Loving the Prime!”
– Mike at Republic (one of our best customers.)