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Make a clone or take a cutting?

“Making a clone” is a standard expression in the cannabis/hemp world. In other areas of agriculture, the expression might be to “Take a cutting.” Either way, what is happening is asexual reproduction with a new plant being made that is genetically identical to the original. In fact, the new plant was originally part of the Mother plant.

Cloning can have several advantages over growing from seed. Firstly, it preserves the genetic makeup of the Mother Plant exactly and therefore when an excellent plant is produced, it can be preserved, and many identical plants can be made. Secondly, for breeders, it means plants are produced immediately that can be grown commercially. If trying to grow from seed, the strain would need to be fixed genetically and this would take several generations of selfing and back crossing.

Prime Superior Clone

Making clones with some plant species can be difficult and to facilitate this, cloning gels were developed that contain the synthetic hormone IBA. IBA improves the rate of root formation but there is a problem. If your product contains IBA then it is a Biopesticide. Many growers are not comfortable with using a Biopesticide in their grow and organic growers cannot use Biopesticides at all.

This is where Prime Superior Clone comes in. It is the World’s first Inoculation Honey! It is all natural. It works well. It is safe. It is unique – it starts working when the cloning gels stop! So, here is the little secret about making clones from hemp/cannabis plants: They make roots pretty well on their own and don’t need IBA!

Prime Superior Clone takes advantage of this and is a product that is vastly Superior to cloning gels. The product uses organic honey as it’s basis and this has many advantages over a synthetic gel. Honey has antibacterial properties and helps keep the cut site free of infections.

But there is much more than this! Prime Superior Clone contains in addition to the honey, the spores of the beneficial fungus Beauveria bassiana. Using Prime Superior Clone establishes the beneficial symbiosis between your cannabis clone and the fungus from the moment that the first roots develop to the moment that you harvest. Growers who have used the product have reported increases in yields, photosynthesis, cannabinoid levels, and terpene levels. Everything that you grow for.

The use of organic honey together with the Beauveria fungus is what makes Prime Superior Clone so good. The sugars in the honey help the fungus grow and the symbiosis establishes faster than with a synthetic gel.