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Growing Hemp/Cannabis from Seeds – The very first step is by far the most important!

A whole lot of hemp/cannabis is being grown in New York State. In addition to around 375 current hemp grower’s licenses, there are many people with medical marijuana cards that are already legally growing at home. Very soon, these growers will be joined by many legal recreational cannabis growers. These growers can grow up to six adult plants and six immature plants per household at a time.

With so many new and inexperienced growers eager for advice, I decided to start this blog post where most of them will start – with a seed. But actually for a good grow, this is NOT the first step at all! the actual first step can bring huge benefits to your plants but it is a step that many people will not even have heard of!

The Seed

Now first up, not all seeds are created equal. If you can grow only six plants, then you need to make sure that these plants are female. Male plants do not produce the same type of flower buds. It is in these buds where most of the cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) and terpenes (smell and taste) are produced. Any males will very easily pollinate the female plants. The result will be seeds and buds that you can’t use. You need to remove male plants and the best way to avoid this is to start with feminized seeds where all the plants will be female.


So, you have your seeds, what do you do next? Well, germination is simple. Many growers germinate the seed between two pieces of tissue or filter paper (make sure they don’t dry out). Others simply add the seeds to a shot glass full of water and then transfer them to soil or hydroponics once the root appears. I like to germinate the seeds in a rapid rooter or rockwool cube. I like this because they don’t dry out so quickly, the root system can become well established, and it is easy to transfer them to soil or hydroponics.

The Real First Step

So, germination is simple. But if you germinate your seeds as I described, then you have already missed what is probably the most important step of all. And it happens before you even start to germinate your seeds. It is the very first step! You need to establish a beneficial organism in the plant that can increase yields and levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. For cannabis, the best beneficial is Beauveria bassiana. This crucial step is simple, quick, and can hugely benefit your precious plants for their entire lives.

The one product on the market designed to inoculate cannabis seeds with Beauveria bassiana is Prime Superior Seed. Using Prime Superior Seed couldn’t be simpler. You just roll the seeds in the powder, the powder sticks to the seeds, and then the beneficial fungus is there when the first roots emerge ready to colonize the plants. Simple, extremely effective, and safe.

So, as a first step before putting the seeds in to germinate, I recommend coating them in Prime Superior Seed. The first benefit is often a larger root system as the young plant grows. This can result in more nutrient uptake and more photosynthesis, which in turn leads to more yield and more THC/CBD and terpenes.

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